Partnering with Performance Dashboard

When you partner with Performance Dashboard, you partner with the industry's recognized leader in the business development performance assessment and tracking discipline. Performance Dashboard has a national network of qualified Channel Partners.

Third party research has shown that effective organizations with engaged and motivated employees can boost the bottom line up to 40% in profits and 52% in operating income, and both while avoiding unnecessary failures. Case studies of our client companies using our proven Performance Management Solutions over a 4 year period reveals that they have been able to:

  • Increase revenues by 30-60%;
  • Increase and maintain targeted margins;
  • Retain current satisfied customers while acquiring new customers;
  • Increase collaboration among departments;
  • Reduce individual and departmental conflicts by increasing trust and communications;
  • Establish a competitive pay program;
  • Decrease employee turnover;
  • Be recognized as having "best practices" through industry associations and national publications.

Our Partner Program

Channel partners include Resellers and Alliance Partners (such as Leadership Coaching, Business and HR Consulting firms) who generate great business results and revenue by integrating and distributing Performance Dashboard into their existing products and channels.

Our Partner Program offers one of the most compelling channel relationships in the industry. Our goal is simple: to help PD Partners sell more and earn more.

Is it time for you to expand your service provider tools? Contact Cappy Leland for more information.

Cappy Leland, PhD - Founder/CEO
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OESSM Brochure

Organizational Effectiveness SurveySM
The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) detects effective behaviors and practices, as well as early indicators of organizational "toxicity" or "at risk" behaviors and practices.

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AIM for Success... An organization is healthy and effective when leadership creates a culture where people, strategies, and performance are aligned, implemented and measured. A healthy and effective organization achieves goals and outperforms their challengers.

Industries and Solutions... Performance Dashboard provides performance management solutions to a wide range of organizations from international corporations, to small businesses, to higher education, to federal and state government, to non-profits and more.

See how we're different... While each of our Performance Management Products and Consulting Services can stand-alone, they are designed to complement each other to grow healthy and effective organizations, and unlike many of our imitators, all are available from one point of supply, Performance Dashboard.

Engagement and Alignment Pays!

Engagement and Alignment Pays!
It is beyond dispute: An organization with an engaged employee culture makes a difference to the bottom-line of the organization. And, engagement and alignment can be measured...

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OES Predicts Key Performance Outcomes

OES Predicts Key Performance Outcomes
This chart draws a direct line between high-level business outcomes and our survey questions of the Organizational Effective Survey....

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