Client Testimonials

"The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) allows our organization to benchmark our effectiveness on a variety of important dimensions. It gives quantifiable data to make quicker decisions, rather than on subjective opinions. It measures progress and growth through the eyes of the employees. The OES report gives us a road map of where we need to go and taking the survey once a year is our tracking system to see how we are doing--that's the long and the short of it."
-Belinda Biscoe, Ph.D.,Assistant Vice President,
Public and Community Services, College of Continuing Education, The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

"Express uses an internal/corporate Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) to actively promote an environment that fosters desirable legal and ethical behaviors throughout the organization. The OES is based on the principle that an organization's ability to integrate people, culture, ethics, and work dictates its success. The OES efficiently reveals to managers what is working in the organization, what needs to be monitored and what needs immediate attention."
-Bob Funk, Founder & Chairman,
Express Employment Professionals Corporate Office, Oklahoma City

"The OES gives us a benchmark from which we track and analyze trends on targeted metrics. We scan the internal environment to gather employee input on the level of satisfaction and work processes that can be improved. We use this information when developing strategies for our annual business plan."
-Joe Doubleday, Deputy Director,
FAA, Aviation Systems Standards, Oklahoma City, OK

"Two of the primary objectives of the opinion survey were to determine employee alignment with and commitment to the organization's strategies. We use the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic tool, and the OES results not only allowed us to achieve our goals but to identify areas of success and areas of opportunity for improvement. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the entire OES process and the information it provided us."
-Sue McMillon, VP of Human Resources,
currently retired from Griffin Communications, LLC, Oklahoma City, OK

"Engaging Performance Dashboard and conducting a survey improved accountability, communication, and pushed responsibility down in the organization. We successfully aligned all facets of our organization, from the executive to the front line employee."
-President of an information technology company

Engagement and Alignment Pays!

Engagement and Alignment Pays!
It is beyond dispute: An organization with an engaged employee culture makes a difference to the bottom-line of the organization. And, engagement and alignment can be measured...

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OES Predicts Key Performance Outcomes

OES Predicts Key Performance Outcomes
This chart draws a direct line between high-level business outcomes and our survey questions of the Organizational Effective Survey....

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OESSM Comparison to Competitors

Organizational Effectiveness SurveySM
The Organizational Effectiveness Survey (OES) is the most comprehensive culture assessment tool on the market. It has a successful track record in a multitude of industries, both nationally and internationally.

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