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We help leaders and organizations solve their performance problems.

What We Do

High Performance Organizations


We empower leaders and organizations with data and information to solve thier performance problems. Through analytics, information, and advice we provide a clear direction to increase understanding and unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams who build high performance workplaces.

An organization is forever changing at a non-stop pace. You can take advantage of our innovative analytics and powerful implementation strategies to stay ahead of the game and position your company to be a high performance organization that attracts and retains top talent and customers

Data and information that accelerates performance


Performance Dashboard has more data, information, and insights on healthy and effective behaviors and practices of leaders and organizations than any other typical executive/management consulting firm in the nation.

A successful on-going fully executed strategic plan aligns and links people, functions, departments, units, and teams throughout the organization. There becomes a widening body of engaged team members who are supporting projects with tasks and action items. A performance management system is use to regularly review progress, and make course adjustments as needed to ensure success.

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Who We Are

Performance problems, solved


We are committed to bettering communities by improving performance in organizations.

High performance occurs within organizations that invest in their leadership, employees, growth opportunities, customers, and eventually communities.

Communities benefit when people are gainfully employed, energized, committed, and equipped to do their best. Performance Dashboard partners with organizations around the nation to help them develop a healthy and highly effective performance driven workforce.

PD Team
PD Team

Performance Dashboard's strength is understanding people and what matters to them in their work and life. This advantage allows us to create transformational change in the workplace that positively impacts performance outcomes.

Through disciplined study of human behavior and hands-on experience in mental health, industrial psychology, organizational development, and the business of doing business. We are committed to bettering communities by improving performance in organizations. We are changing communities, one organization at a time.

Performance Dashboard provides analytics, information, and advice to help leaders and organizations solve their performance problems. Combining more than 30 years of experience with its global partners, Performance Dashboard knows more about healthy behaviors and effective practices of leaders and organizational cultures than you will find in other typical executive/management consulting firms in the nation.

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Dr. Cappy Leland

Founder and CEO

Cappy has over 25 years of professional experience in organizational development, performance management, cultural change initiatives, and building high performing work teams.


Patrick J. Rainey


Pat brings some large corporate background as well as entrepreneurial business experience to Performance Dashboard and its clients. He has C-suite and director experience and is comfortable engaging with clients on a broad range of business disciplines and challenges.


Robert L. Rainey

Vice President and General Counsel

Rob has been representing businesses and the families that own them for over 30 years. Rob's practice continues to emphasize corporate, business, litigation, administrative, estate, trust, and tax matters for clients, including those in highly regulated industries.


We Want You


Change Communities, One Organization at a Time Every Day. Do what you do best!

At Performance Dashboard we want to partner with you to use your natural talents, skills, and passion that allows you to thrive in your consulting business.

We supplement your service offerings with our diagnostic leadership and organizational assessments, data analytics, and reports to increase your client retention, attract new clients, and ROI.

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We are continiously making updates to our Case Studies, observations, and client interviews.

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